A warm heart man, a mountain with its elements and a camera to capture the time!

Some people inspiring you more than others, Benjy has the ability to inspiring many of us at all time. His passion for mountains and its elements as snow, rock, trails and rivers has been a huge connection.
His competence and smartness to move in the outdoors was a thing to learn in every tour we took together. An avid paddler and very talented mountain multisport photographer in Norway, his yes could see beyond his lenses! Not doubt the best Nordic man when you combine these mountain elements and incredible whitewater skills.
His heart poured love into our souls, kindness and prosperity regarding other fellows at this planet. Benjy show us an unconditional love for people. A person with strong ability to bring everybody together.
Photographing has been of good importance for Benjy. Enthusiastic, determined and very committed to make as best as possible, searching the unique shoot. His website gallery tell’s by itself. Magazines, webpages, outdoor brands, cars and trucks has gotten his frames and they are circulating around.

Since I arrived in Voss he embrace me, taught me a lot on outdoors and always standing there to listening and to motivate. A good friend, a real mentor and inspiring person that I learned so much from!  Our world need more and many more people as Benjamin.

I particularly had few of the great adventures of my life beside Benjy! When the phone rings or a msg came on screen with his name, I already get that exciting feeling about… ‘a new mission is underway’. Wireless messages won’t pop up on screen with his name, but seeds been spread in our hearts and it’s a powerful inspiration to keep ongoing what our brother has presented to us.

In the great Himalayas Benjy lead us kayaking the Upper Marsyandi River, the high water level associated with his knowledge to read and run without stopping so much made it a blast, so far the way we took down made it the greatest river running section I have ever paddled with Benjy.

Overnight staying at local’s guest house we ate Dal Bat and drinking Nepali home made wine, laugh deeply and celebrate life with the locals.

We were fully happy and stocked how the day has been and about the lovely people who was hosting us.

Benevolent, generous man with a huge heart approach and integration with local folks, it did tell a lot about his personality. He spent hours teaching them on how to take photos. The kids wanted hug and seat at his lap. A true cozy Himalayan time.

“No matter how educated, talented, rich, or cool you believe you are, how you treat people tells all. Integrity is everything.”

We travelled across the country in a nepali bus made for short people, the tall norwegian man and the only possible place to seat was the middle seat at last row. 20 hous sharing the bus ride with chickens, sheeps, loads of veggies, kids with stomach infection and Matt Cooke feeding sleeping pills on us.

Our staying at Nepalgunj a village in the border of Nepal and India we stood face hard life conditions. The bike-taxi drivers were fight among themselves to carry our luggage, a real fight.

Our mission in Nepalgunj was to catch an airplane to fly to Simikot, northwest of Nepal.

The fanciest hotel in the village had a very poor hygiene conditions. There we saw hardship.

The airplane would fly only next day and it was loaded with food, there was only space for 1 kayak inside. We have to move and travel more 6 hours to the closest airport.

Spring 2013, lower myrk just cracked up and 30cm of ice on river bank was left! Who hasn’t been scared with Benjy on a river, hasn’t been in river with Benjy at all. We had no photos from this trip, only memories.

Marine juv at Raundal, our home run in beautiful spring time with Mariann, Ron and Matt. Benjy goes for the big boof at first waterfall and at landing his classic scream.

Yes, he is stocked!

Two of us! Over a mountain to photoshot.

A wonderful sunset motivated on keep shooting while having a blast in the mountain. An epic terrain with no trails to go down, a pure freeride mountain bike.

Despite ended up crossing the beginning of a dark night, I run out of food he shared a chocolate bar and off we went. An epic trip!

A year later we made back with some awesome friends. Pernille, Magnus, Hermund and Kaia.

We had few projects undergoing and there is more photos to be unravel and shared in near future.

Few days ago, he sent an invitation for a photoshoot for a Ski Brand. His second question was – Har du fjellskisko? 

My first though – uhhhh… yes, but I’m not good at it – 

In companion of other Voss friends, off we went.

A fantastic atmosphere, great sunset, bonfire, grilled sausage and marshmallows. His smile was in place, his motivation was beyond, his energy vibrant and his photos astonishing.

Staying up in the mountain till 22pm, skiing down on darkness and Benjy very helpful to all of us. 

At car park we spot gorgeous Northern lights explosions, one of the strong green flares I ever seen.

Our greatest last trip with Benjy.

Friday last I pop by at his house, Mariann was there, we drink coffee and talking a bit about life, projects and photography.

 Benjy being so stocked and happy to be in Voss, surround mountains, his friends and with a house by the river which for most kayakers is considered the best whitewater river in northern Europe, the mighty Raundal. There we settle slalom gates last year, his backyard.

 I think a lot about fortunate teenagers whose had the opportunity to have Benjy as teacher. As he invited to help on his outdoors classes I could witness how he’d engage along tutoring pupils at Villmarkslinja and how good communicate and interacting with his work mates, just inspiring! When there I went, always came with the same thought –  Wish have had a teacher like Benjy at high school. –

A unique person, leaving a legacy that is spread all over the world. 

Super sad that you left us too early, but at same feel lucky that had spent some great time together. Now, you are a step ahead of us. You’re there, immortalized in these mountains. 

We own a life memory.

Benjamin Hjørt, a dreamer who live his dreams with open eyes.

Rocks we climbing, hills we biking its contour, awesome rapids we kayaking down, on floating rafts we paddle with guests, sweet lines we skiing, photos we collected, sharing the fully mountain life passion together with many other awesome friends made it for the eternity. 


Benjy, The Legend